*Ferguson happens*


While I do see your point, we do still have to ask why small government right wingers haven’t been showing face on the front line. It isn’t an issue of racism, at least I hope not, but there has been a real lack of appearances as far as I have seen.

Because we aren’t wanted. The first point I heard anyone make related to the libertarian movement in relation to Ferguson was their apparent absence. Everyone pretended like a decades worth of activism and debate regarding the militarization of the police force hand’t happened. But when it happened to a precious minority that was the time it mattered and a long held principled stand meant nothing. 







I drew Spider-Man like the new Spider-Woman.

Ladies and gentlemen: this

I’m a woman and I think the one on the bottom looks absolutely terrifying.

I don’t see the point the author is trying to make. Is it the bad anatomy or the supposed objectifying? His mouth looks like a prolapsed rectum.

if oatmeal had pulled their head out of their ass for half a second and done a google search they would know that this happens to spiderman all the fucking time.

i mean come on dude you didnt event try at all. you were too busy trying to make this about female objectification that you forgot that THEY HAVE FUCKING SPIDER POWERS. THEY ARE SUPPOED TO CRAWL AROUND ON ALL FOURS AND ACT SPIDERY AND SHIT.

i swear man yall will raise a fuss about anything. no matter how stupid it is. can you imagine if people whined this way about men? 

I googled “Spiderman comic covers” and I could have played a drinking game every time a cover was centered lovingly on Spidey’s ass or bulge

Also, the only reason I watched the Spiderman movies was because of all the promotional photographs that had the camera glued to Andrew Garfield’s backside 

Spidey is the king of booty shots.  FFS at least do some research before you flap your gums. 

Definitely establishing a theme of ‘shit people complain about without checking the facts’.  



Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

How many people are actually shaming the victims of the leaks? I’m sure they exist but seriously, the most I’ve heard is people using this as a cautionary tale about security and privacy. 

This is a shitty situation which, as usual, feminists are interpreting in a way which just doesn’t seem to track with reality.  


Look i’m going to willingly say here and now I just don’t understand what the patriarchy is


I do understand that it’s not meant to refer to specific people per se, rather an institution that perpetuates itself and its values; 

I do understand that it supposedly perpetuates its value system through smaller institutions and framework, social standards and interpersonal expectations;

I do understand that the implications of this system are essentially that those outside of the ruling class have not had an experience of self determination nor appreciation of, or representation of self interest in their day to day affairs;


I do not understand why people seem to think that the patriarchy would be self aware or identifiable - aka ‘this is the patriarchy’, as a noun if you will;

I do not understand why it would be intentionally malicious (rather than subconsciously or anecdotally discriminatory or alienating to outsiders);

I do not understand why it would be referred to as the patriarchy per se? I understand patriarchal families and institutions dominated at least our recent history, but this was not universally the case for oppressive structures. I feel it is a misnomer that implies other structures of society would have been less oppressive, or linking oppression/domination to masculinity ?? Not trying to sound super MRA here, sorry if I am.

If you can help me understand, I welcome your commentary.

I apologise if I have simply proven myself ignorant beyond words.  (Isn’t it telling that we (especially you) feel the need to add this to our political posts? Surely it should be self evident to any onlooker that you are simply honestly pursing knowledge and that any mistakes are purely accidental.)

I think the ‘The’ comes from the idea that it is universal to men. Think of how so many of these concepts are supposed to work. All straight people are homophobic, all whites are racist, ect, because these groups perpetuate and benefit from the system. Once you can be identified as one of these ‘rulers’ you are a part of a club and the members can be refereed to by the club name. So I assume ‘The’ patriarchy refers to the demographic of men. This might also be why it is seen as a malicious; if it is a thing that exists because of its members then its members must be motivated to achieve its ends (in this case the oppression of women). 

I’m biases but it might be possible that it is seen as the main oppressive force because of a simple need for an identifiable enemy. It is easy to accept that your demographic has been maliciously and systematically oppressed by the other then to believe that it was simply due to the complexity of humans, culture and history and things just happened to turn out that way. In reality ‘the patriarchy’ is a terrible term to describe the immense complexity of society. 

*So the idea that its not suppose to be a specific group is not reflective in the way people talk about it. 


Anonymous asked:

Reminder that /v/ does not actually support feminism and the whole reason any funding was given to this tumblr was so that Zoe and Co could not claim we hate women, even though we clearly do. This whole tumblr is just an ass-covering ploy for 4chan.

thefineyoungcapitalists answered:

No anon, weren’t you at the secret 4chan meeting. This entire project is a false flag operation for our Zombie Hitler Dinosaur project. Currently /v/ scientists are resurrecting Hitler using the combined rage of all tumblr users as a power source for the arc of the covenant. Once resurrected we will put his brain into a cloned T-Rex and use our new master to take over the American government and force Ivan Drago to be president. Thus placing true fear in Putin’s heart and causing World War III.

That or they actually care about woman and have raised over 17,000 dollars just from their referral link. I have no idea why you think /v/ would actually care what tumblr thinks of them period.