I wonder if the reason why full waxing of pubic hair on women has become popular in the past decade, not because of a patriarchal conspiracy to make women feel uncomfortable about their bodies but because of (I posit) an increase in the popularity/acceptance of female sexual enlightenment and men caring more about their partners sexual enjoyment. Resulting in an increase in cunnilingus, which in turn leads to men wanting to (i) actually see the thing they are pleasuring and (ii) not having hair in your face/mouth/teeth. 

Just a thought.



So, I apologize in advance for the massive post, but I don’t want to cut this off. It needs to be seen.

So, with Gamergate now fully under way, many individuals like to claim Gamergate is about misogyny and the desire for ethics is just a thin veil to harass women. They cite how the movement…